Screenwriting Portfolio

(30 page short film, drama) William Marcher is a famous author who has had a tumultuous relationship with his only daughter, Melanie. What will happen when William begins to exhibit signs of dementia? Will Melanie stick by his side?

(10 page short, drama) Just on the edge of adulthood, Perri has chosen a different path than most others her age. Insistent on refusing help from her negligent father, Perri must figure out how to navigate between her moral compass and her desires.

(10 page short, comedy) Taylor is a hopeless romantic with a stoner roommate. Sophie is just hopeless.

A spec script for the FreeForm drama Good Trouble which would take place around the 7th episode of the first season. Callie and Mariana continue to navigate their workplace drama while the ladies of the coterie set up blind dates for each other with disastrous results.

A spec script for Jordan Peele’s 2019 remake of The Twilight Zone. A camera has a particularly powerful presence in the Lewis family and for a much more sinister reason that preserving memories, as Gabe discovers.